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Get into fitness with your own personal trainer on the other side of your smartphone. Get started working on your goals and new year's resolutions with laser-foucs. Not only will you have a trainer to guide you there, you'll also have a team to motivate and support you!

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Certified Personal Trainer (PTAG)
Precision Nutrition - Level 1

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You'll get your workouts planned in the calendar, which you can track with the app. You will get nutrition guidelines to enter in MyFitnessPal and follow to get to your goals. And you will get access to your Personal Trainer, all this on your smartphone or tablet!

Premium Online Coaching 


Premium Online Coaching takes it all a step further, this gives you direct acces to a Trainer for any and all questions you might have. Either during a workout or while you're out getting groceries. This plan is for those who want to step it up, you will not just get a tailored workout for your goals but a program tailored to you personally.

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